The Little Missy Two-Shoes Book Series are written for children that dislike something like bugs, or going to school. Dr. Margaret Aranda raised three generations of children, and as a physician, she knows children pretty well. The best part is that she knows how they think, how to talk to them on their level, and how to let them use their own imagination to reach a different conclusion for themselves, in real life.

Throughout her life, her experiences with children are quite unusual indeed. For example, a random boy has walked up to Dr. Aranda to ask her to tie his shoelaces. Another random girl asked her to fix her spaghetti straps, which kept falling down. Dr. Aranda takes all of these, and many more instances, as confirmation that children ‘know’ that she is a safe haven, a ‘child-safe’ person to gravitate towards.

In perhaps her most dramatic story of her experience with a child, Dr. Aranda was shopping in a crowded mall at Christmastime in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There was a toddler crying with his hands in his mouth, drooling down to his elbow. Clearly to her eyes, he was lost and had been wandering for some time, but shoppers were too busy hustling and bustling to pay attention to the toddler. So she scooped him up, took him into the nearest store (which happened to be a Chocolate Factory), and handed him off to the Supervisor. She told the Supervisor to call Security and give him a piece of chocolate with no peanuts in it, and to entertain him until the parent(s) showed up. She never knew what happened, but she was glad that she got the child pointed in the right direction. And that no other person had picked up the child and ran away with him.

So enjoy the transformation that your child sees with each book, and be sure to collect the whole series! For there are times when Spring Break makes a little child afraid to go back to school, or a praying mantis looks like a horrible bug to 10-year old! Timeless and collectible, enjoy bonding with your child or grandchild at each step, and watch their transformation with your own eyes.

That is what Dr. Aranda seeks to do here ~ to make life easier for both the child and the parent or grandparent. This is real life, and some things we have to accept. But we can accept them in a loving, imaginative way that leaves a child with freedom of expression. Little Missy Two-Shoes as a real child turned into a character for all to see, and she wants all the little children to hear these stories and learn from them, just like she did. So tally-ho, and away we go!



Well, it’s pretty hard to find any 2-year old who likes a Ladybug. So Dr. Margaret Aranda designed a 2-year old Birthday Party with a Ladybug Theme. Take the book as a Book Reading, have everyone wear black and red, bake a ladybug cake (as seen on her Facebook page), and watch as people roar when the real ladybugs come out of the Tupperware you buy at the local nursery! As the story unfolds, Little Missy Two-Shoes realizes that the roses and mountains and sunsets and butterflies live in the same world as the ladybugs, so they must not be all that bad.

A brave, trusted relative can even volunteer to have the ladybugs unleashed on them as they sit on a chair, harmlessly smiling as they tickle arms and legs, searching for water. The children are simply transformed from fear to fascination, and forever embrace chance! That’s what little Missy Two-Shoes is all about! Getting kids to like things that they just normally wouldn’t like.

And what a challenge, and how fun is that?


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About Little Missy Two-Shoes

Little Missy Two-Shoes Likes a Ladybug was written for my daughter’s two-year-old birthday party. Since she was scared of bugs and I loved to garden, I decided to hold a Ladybug Party.

Everyone had to wear black and red, and if they not? Ha. They received a headband with two antennae to wear on their heads as they were greeted at the door! What fun!

Yes, I wrote Little Missy Two-Shoes so that my daughter would tolerate the bugs in the garden. I wanted her to think they had a personality of their own, and that they were "ladies" just like us. So I chose images from our garden, plopped a ladybug and a bunny together with our roses, and wala! the makings of a book to make her laugh.

I made Ladybug red velvet cakes with oreo cookie eyes, and bought a box of real lady bugs at the local nursery. We let the ladybugs out onto my sister Maria, who sat smiling at them. What a scene as a bunch of 2-year olds marveled!

Once they all settled down, it was time for a book-reading, you guessed it, by none other than her mother. True story, and I hope your little ones will love lady bugs after getting to know them.

So do not be afraid to show a toddler that a lady bug in the back yard is a fun thing. Just remember that small objects are supposed to be kept away from little children, and enjoy!





“At first, Little Missy Two-Shoes didn’t want to go to school.
She had to leave her Mommy and
She didn’t know what to do.”

Join Little Missy as she discovers all the fun things about going to school in Little Missy Two-Shoes Likes to Go to School.


About Little Missy Two-Shoes and Going to School


Well, Little Missy Two-Shoes was used to being at home with her Mommy. Sometimes they would go out grocery shopping, and Missy would get to eat all the cherry tomatoes she wanted! She liked to pick out apples and bananas and peaches and all the different colored produce. That was her favorite part.

Sometimes her Mommy dropped her off for dance class, but Mommy always embroidered or knitted just outside in the waiting room, where Missy could peek out and see her whenever she wanted. But now things were going to be different. Mommy was going to leave her at school with the teacher.

Little Missy Two-Shoes didn’t like that at all. She wanted to be with her Mommy, and she wanted her Mommy to Home School her. And that was that. She liked being at home with her animals and her toys, and she liked things just the way they were.

But Mommy said it was time to see the "outside world", and said the teacher was going to be like a ‘second mother’ to fill her head with numbers and letters and colors and games and things that Mommy just didn’t have at home.

At first, Missy was sulking because she thought her whole world was going to be upside down. But gradually, she learned that some things would change, and some things would stay the same. And as long as she understood what was going to happen ahead of time, Little Missy Two-Shoes was prepared for whatever was ahead.

That’s because Little Missy Two-Shoes was growing up, and she got to pick out her favorite fluffy blouses on the days she wanted. With that, tally ho! and away she flew away to school! No more pouting, no more sadness. Only looking forward to a new day and the fun things that the teacher would have for the class to do. And besides, she made some special friends, too!